COMMUNITY TALKS / The Wellbeing Coach

Wellbeing coach, storyteller, athlete, model, producer—Maxine Goynes is a multi-hyphenate that inspires with every move. Her new platform MGMETHOD brings together a community that has an appreciation for intentional living and design. “We like to think of ourselves as life curators,” she explains. “We help people strategically design their life by sharing our values, people, brands, products, and experiences that become springboards for larger conversation and connection.”  We caught up with Goynes to chat about goals, mindfulness, and how the fitness industry can better help people to feel great within their bodies.

What is the obstacle that most often stops people from achieving their goals?

One of the most frequent challenges I help clients + companies expand on for overall wellbeing is the reshaping of self-image and identity. Many times we have limiting beliefs around our greatest desires in life initially as a coping and survival mechanism from past experiences. Subconscious whispers of fear/trauma can interfere with our fullest potential and the alignment of our lives. This reaction can cause friction and frustration. Helping people connect and examine their values has been something I deeply enjoy because it allows people to shed narratives that no longer serve them and move into infinite, rich, and dynamic possibilities for their lives.

Advice you most often find yourself giving?

I think many of us are drawn to audacious goals, purpose, and vision, and sometimes that "more" or " I'll be happy when" mentality overrides the experience of now. 
We use the mantra "Little Things Often" as a north star and reminder to relish the pause along the way. We encourage people to celebrate and appreciate every moment along the way as a necessary contribution to your overall story and hold space for unlimited possibilities. 
I often find that returning to that mantra brings a great sense of peace and calm to those who can sometimes feel anxious, overwhelmed, or impatient. 

What are some ways to practice mindfulness on a daily basis?

One of the most accessible and joyful mindfulness experiences I show up for on a daily basis is walking, breath work  and the use of aromatherapy. I consciously designed my life around neighborhoods that I felt drawn to. DESIGN in any capacity is a love language for me and greatly contributes to my inner peace. When I take a neighborhood stroll I stop to look at the gorgeous architecture, olive + magnolia trees, and smell the jasmine. I want that for us each. To use rhythm, cadence, smell, sound, texture, and movement in our lives. 


We love the MGMETHOD podcast. What else do you have planned for this amazing community? 

We foresee MGMETHOD leaning into strategic partnerships to host IRL events, panels, and experiences that are thoughtful and visceral by partnering with like-minded founders, investors, and artists who would like to share space with our larger group of creative entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.


Let's talk about the state of the fitness industry. What would you change about it?

One area I am passionate about hoping to expand is honest and vulnerable conversation. I think there is a disconnect between aspirational fitness content, marketing, and the reality of how most people are living day-to-day. 
I personally have modeled in the industry for elite performance brands and I think having open conversations about the difference between body composition and holistic health is necessary for people to feel great within their bodies.
I want people to feel connected to themselves and each other which will then encourage us to move often, freely, and deeply.
I quite enjoy the perspective that fitness can be a utility to enhance creativity, cognition, and consciousness. To me, this philosophy is paramount in a life well-lived. The current fitness landscape often prioritizes an aesthetic focus and I think we have room for growth here.