Improve Your Concentration Naturally


POV: It’s Monday, your to-do list is miles long & you’re already wishing you had more than 24 hours in the day to get it all done. We get it, in this day and age it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and hard to stay on task. While you can’t bend the rules of time, you can do a few things to improve your concentration to get more things done in a lesser amount of time. Here are a handful of simple & natural ways (bye, Adderall!) to help improve focus & concentration so you can check more off of your to-do list. 

  1. Fuel your body & stay hydrated 

We all know how important a healthy diet is for our physical health, but what you eat is just as important for your brain as it is for your body. To help boost concentration, try avoiding processed and inflammatory foods such as lunch meat, soda and anything artificially sweetened. Instead, try incorporating more superfoods into your diet like blueberries, eggs, fatty fish and spinach. Lastly, stay hydrated! Even mild dehydration can make it more difficult to focus and retain information. It’s recommended to drink 2.7 liters for adult women per day and 3.7 liters for men. 

  1. Try supplements

Incorporating supplements into your daily routine may help promote concentration and brain function. We love starting our day with our Focus capsules that have a potent blend of adaptogens enhanced with broad spectrum CBD oil, B-12, L-tyrosine and naturally occuring caffeine. Think of it as all-natural Adderall. Integrating supplements and vitamins helps to increase your energy at the cellular level, AKA, you won’t have to endure a mid-day crash. 

A lot of people who have difficulty focusing or are diagnosed with ADHD reach for Adderall, a prescription drug. Adderall has been linked to loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, headaches, nervousness and trouble sleeping. By taking a supplement like our Focus capsules, you’ll only be putting natural ingredients into your body and nothing harmful or synthetic. 

  1. Move your body

It may feel impossible to fit a full workout into your already busy schedule, but incorporating just a few minutes of exercise everyday will do wonders for your brain fog. According to this 2018 study, daily physical activity could help improve both concentration and attention after just four weeks. If you have time to go to the gym for a weightlifting session or the studio for a pilates class, great. If not, opt for a brisk 20-minute walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. Remember, doing what you can is better than doing nothing at all. 

  1. Prioritize sleep

As much as you may want to stay up and watch the next episode of your favorite Netflix show, pushing back your bedtime isn’t doing you any favors. Sleep deprivation can disrupt concentration & other cognitive functions like memory and attention. Experts recommend getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Finding it hard to shut down at the end of the day? Here are some tips to try:

  • Stop any sort of screen time at least 30 minutes before bed.
  • Keep your room at a cooler temperature.
  • Wind down with a cup of herbal tea, a warm bath, a meditation session or a book.
Take a sleep supplement like our Dream capsules with ingredients like melatonin and chamomile to help promote a deeper, more restful sleep.