What is Sleep Meditation?

 You deserve to have a truly restful night—and sleep meditation is one of the tools that can help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. Combined with a serving of Dream, it is our favorite way to get in touch with our minds and bodies as we unwind for a restorative night’s sleep

Sleep mediation is a process in which you completely relax your body while remaining fully mentally present. Although you’re actively conscious, you’re not letting stressful and anxious thoughts clutter your mind; you’re taking time to get in touch with yourself and support your body.

Sleep meditation is a state between sleep and meditation. You’re not sleeping as you are fully conscious, and you’re not meditating in the traditional sense; instead, you have direct experiences with all layers of yourself.


Traditional Meditation vs. Sleep Meditation

Although derived from the same concepts, traditional meditation and sleep meditation have their differences. Both practices exist to help you get in touch with the five layers of self (i.e., sheaths/koshas); physical, energetic, mental, wisdom, and bliss.

You’ve most likely given meditation a go, and you either adored it or felt that there was something there, but you weren’t doing it quite right. We find that sleep meditation is much easier to achieve. 

Meditation is usually self-guided, with little direction, and requires you to re-anchor when you’ve lost focus. Traditional meditation demands that you put all awareness on a single aspect of yourself; whether your physical state or mental health, you’re meant to only focus on one.

Sleep meditation is entirely guided, which is particularly beneficial if you’re unfamiliar with the practice or have anxiety and a bustling mind. In contrast to meditation, sleep meditation walks you through every layer of yourself.

Sleep meditation is the perfect solution for those who cannot dedicate much of their time to practicing discovery. By exploring yourself with greater depth and allowing your body to fall into complete relaxation, you can unlock the benefits of this meditation technique.

DOTE NOTE: Sleep meditation goes by several names, including yogic sleep, conscious sleep, and yoga Nidra.

The Perfect Recipe For Improved Sleep

A successful sleep meditation paired with DOTE Dream will have you feeling like you’ve unlocked an entirely new you. You can banish anxiety, fall asleep in a state of bliss, and achieve the quality rest central to your overall well-being.

Dream’s ingredients are carefully selected and combined to relax your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep:

  • Melatonin: calms your body
  • Chamomile: helps calm your mind
  • L-theanine: reduces stress and promotes relaxation 
  • 5-HTP: promotes restful sleep
  • GABA: improves your mood
  • Valerian Root: induces sleep
  • CBD: reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety 

Make Dream capsules and nightly meditation two new staples in your bedtime routine. You’ll quickly find that these slight adjustments will support your mind and body to a greater extent.

Your New Nightly Routine

As you unwind for the night and prepare for bed, place two Dream capsules and a tall glass of water on your bedside table. Then, you can simply crawl into bed, look begin your meditation, and relax every part of your body.

Bedtime meditation doesn't ask you to awkwardly sit up on a yoga mat or set up any bells and whistles; you’re just taking a few minutes to get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

As your meditation comes to a close, you finally slip into a deep sleep and take the night to let your body heal. You wake up with new revelations, new ambition, and a body that’s ready to support you through it all.