Why You Should Try A Muscle Cream Pre and Post Workout

How you recover is key to how you play—and how you grow. Whether it’s running that extra mile, getting in one more set, or smashing that personal record, grueling workouts bring stress to the body. Giving your muscles and joints the support they need during recovery is imperative to becoming stronger, faster, and fitter. Active recovery helps with blood circulation, delivering the nutrients muscles need to repair and rebuild, pain management, and muscle fatigue.

There are different ways to support your muscles pre- and post-workout: Eating the right foods (think high-quality-proteins, healthy fats, and B vitamins); getting the right amount of hydration before, during, and after exercise; and at least 8 hours of quality sleep can all help you bounce back faster after especially tough workouts. But perhaps one of the most effective ways to prepare the body for a grueling workout and help the body recover after one is a muscle massage. 

A muscle massage increases blood flow, which speeds up the recovery process, reduces soreness, and sets you up to continue achieving your fitness goals and unlock abilities that were just out of reach. 

The Pain-relieving Duo: Muscle Creams and Massages

Muscle creams are the secret to a truly effective muscle massage. They are formulated to increase blood flow to the area and help relieve the aches and pains associated with pushing your body to its limit.

Relieve topical cream can be applied as needed to areas of the body requiring special attention. If you deal with joint stiffness, your hamstrings are crying out for relief, or you did one too many bicep curls on your last pull day, Relieve can make all the difference.

That Hot-Cold Feel

Menthol and counterirritants are two of the most crucial components to sculpting the most effective muscle creams.

Menthol induces cutaneous vasodilation in the skin. Cutaneous vasodilation is the opening of your blood vessels. Increased blood flow to an area is said to have a pain-killing effect on nerve receptors. In the areas where menthol is applied, skin and muscles benefit from this pain-killing effect.

Counterirritants are substances such as heat that are used to produce a sensation on the surface of your skin; that’s why you feel cooling and warmth. This sensation distracts you from feeling the aches and pains that lie deeper in your muscles, joints, and tendons.

In Relieve we use organic menthol to spark vasodilation and black pepper oil as a counterirritant. 

Because menthol and black pepper oil both work well to keep you from experiencing pain, you can push through and keep moving forward.

Refuse to let pain constrain you. Ignoring your pains can allow it to pile on day after day. Relieve aches and pain by adding whole-body support to your life. Every day is a new opportunity to accomplish more, and the fatigue of yesterday shouldn’t limit you today.

Find Relief Pre and Post-Workout

You can use the best muscle pain relief creams pre and post-workout. Sore muscle creams work similarly to stretching. Proper stretching is always encouraged before and after your workouts because it loosens up tension and preps your joints and muscles for the workout ahead.

In tandem with its ingredients, the application of Relieve is therapeutic. A massage has shown to be an effective pre-exercise and recovery strategy. By taking a few minutes to rub out the pain in your muscles and joints, you can improve your mobility, soreness, and fatigue.


When you warm up the body before a workout it becomes more pliable and works more easily and efficiently.

Muscle cream is simply a great way to create a heating sensation that prepares your body for physical activity. Topical use of menthol is fast-acting and detectable in the skin within 30 minutes. With tingling skin and flowing blood, you can achieve a pump that inspires you to push harder.

If you’re going into a leg day or hike knowing that your squats and distance suffer from your tight ankles, rub some Relieve on them, and 30 minutes later, you can get started with new levels of force.


Menthol’s effects clear after 60 minutes, so you can reenact DOTE Relieve cream’s effects right after your workout as well.

Muscle creams can loosen up your joints so they can take on the impact of your power; at the same time, they relieve the pain caused by your ferocity. Relieve is a muscle cream designed to help you overcome muscle and joint pain when you need it most.

Apply Relieve anywhere you feel discomfort and give your body the support it needs to be its best. 

DOTE Distinction

What makes Relieve the muscle cream that will live in your medicine cabinet, office desk, and gym bag? It’s more than a pain-relieving cream with basic principles of menthol and counterirritants; it’s a major factor in creating the whole-body support you need.

Relieve is blended for elite performers and enhanced by ingredients that go beyond the minimum of what’s needed to support your body. Whether you’re a powerlifter, yogi, skier, runner, or swimmer, you need complete whole-body support. Relieve is enhanced by carefully selected ingredients, including organic broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and natural oils and butters.

CBD helps fight pain and inflammation, which helps your body recover with less push-back. CBD is one of the key ingredients that make up Relieve because it helps alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness and exercise-induced muscle damage. Natural oils and butters are also essential to our natural blend because they help moisturize and heal dry and tearing skin.

DOTE Relieve helps you find instant relief from aches, pains, and strains with our advanced heating and cooling topical cream. Willpower and scientifically-backed ingredients can allow you to achieve what you know is possible.