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Peak Performance -
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Peak Performance


We believe that how you recover is how you play. By pairing our Power supplement with Relieve muscle cream for active muscle recovery, your body will be ready to conquer the next workout—and achieve peak performance.

Helps With

  • Physical Endurance
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Inflammation

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What's Included

  • Power

    A smarter, cleaner, and healthier energy boost to keep you powered throughout the day. Our precise blend of caffeine and L-theanine prevents spikes and crashes so you can experience peak performance without the adverse effects of overstimulation. Learn More

  • Relieve

    Targeted relief for active muscles. Improves performance and recovery time by delivering a warming and cooling effect on contact and naturally reducing inflammation. Use anytime you want serious soothing, it feels especially amazing before or after a challenging workout or any physically demanding activity. Learn More